the Centre for Transgressive Behaviour
CTB did a lot of performances in Malmö and Lund during 2001-2003.
How to drink a German Wine
An enema show I performed 4 times during 1995 and 1996.
It was set to a music piece called "Family and friends" from the 60's album Perfect background music for your homemovies.
It begins with me entering the stage in a 3-piece suit and the olde gasmask. I sit down at a café table and look for a waiter. Herr P. enters as the waiter, bow tie, towel over the arm and gasmask. He takes my order, leaves and returns with a bottle of red german wine.
Since I wear a gasmask it is hard for me to drink out of a glass, I try to point this out for the waiter but he just shrugs his shoulders, not very helpful.
I then produce a large enema syringe from my pocket and gives it to the waiter. I rise and starts to undress while he fills the syringe with the wine. After removing my jacket and vest I let the trousers fall to the floor and "assumes the position". The waiter puts a little vaseline on the tip of the syringe and then it's time for me to drink. Afterwards I'm left alone on stage, slowly dressing again. I take a bow and leave.

First performance in the summer of 1995 was as opening act at the small music festival at Elvaerket in Helsingør, Denmark. There exists a video recording of this event.

Then there was two shows at Klubb Eter, a fetisch club in Malmö. The first in late summer 1995, the second in spring 1996. For the second show we couldn't get hold of any red german wine so we had to settle for french.

The final show took place at Smålands Nation in Lund in the summer of 1996. This were the best performance, it went perfect. Unfortunately there's no documentation of this event.
NÅN - Muzak, Martinis & Misantrophy
1995.05.17 Smålands Nation - Lund

I entered the stage and started the background music consisting of blurry voices and sound loops and began to mix dry martinis in a cocktail shaker. Then my three friends arrived, we shook hands and I poured them all a drink. We were dressed in black 3-piece suits and shared a toast before we sat down at the table. Behind us stood a flickering Dreamachine which I had made some hours before the show. I didn't have any templates or even a ruler, so I had to make it in free hand from memory - the result was very crooked ...

We each had a microphone and a sound making objekt. I played some kind of machine with a disc rotating in a tube making scraping metallic sounds. A speed control was the only way of manipulating it.

Herr H. used a Starship Enterprise toy to make sounds.

Herr G. used a hearing device which creates unbearable feedback when worn with the volume turned up to the max, unfortunately it couldn't make itself heard in the loud environment on stage.

Herr L. played skipping 78's on a portable gramophone.

During the show we drank, toasted and poured new drinks. Some of us also smoked cigarettes.

When the concert had come to it's end we rise and put on our suit jackets. I thank my friends and bid them farewell. Shortly after I also leave the stage.

A recording of the show was made but it was useless due to the walkman used having bad batteries.

The title of this performance is naturally inspired by the classic Boyd Rice album and the alternative title "De 4 vännerna" (the 4 Friends) refers to the four libertines in Pasolini's Saló.
1995.05.16 Smålands Nation - Lund [billed as "Industrial Sinatra"]

Tired of the gasmask disguise I decided to perform the final act and "death" of StUPOR. Upon entering the stage I cut a Findus t-shirt to pieces, the show was reduced to just performing a five minute version of I'm coming up your ass, after which I left the stage. The stage was filled with smoke while a 70's radio commercial for Findus were looped for ten minutes, "Findus fresh ... Findus fresh ..." There were more smoke pumped out on stage and the audience endured it all hoping for my return to the stage, but alas ... StUPOR was no more.

The sound engineer this night did a bad job distorting the vocals resulting in a rather weak vocal performance.
1994.08.27 Kaj plats 1 - Helsingborg [billed as "the Miraculous Gasmask Man"]

Perhaps my finest hour performing as StUPOR. A short, loud and agressive set where I did a nice version of Whitehouse's I'm coming up your ass. The stage were at floorlevel so I could scream the audience in the face. Most lyrics were improvised resulting in some serious verbal abuse of the audience.

At the end of this eruption I had two friends dressed in white coats who were coming to take me away, haha, hihi, hoho. They entered the stage and overpowered me but before they carried me off I managed to break loose and grab the mike once again shouting more abuse until they got me off stage, leaving the place in darkness with the music going for some minutes more.

There exists a tape recording of this event.
1994.04.01 the Circus of Sound Festival - Helsingborg

This time I performed between the songs of another band. Due to the time and space limitations I kept my stage act simple, using only a Yamaha RX15 drum machine and singing through a toy megaphone. On the RX15 you can pitch down the sounds, creating a very dark ambient-like mood. The performance consisted of strange versions of old songs as well as new ones with improvised lyrics. Sometimes the (rock) band gave me a minute, sometimes two, before they played their next song. I wore my Findus Zombie outfit (a dark green overall with dark red letters on the back saying Findus) and the usual StUPOR gasmask.

There exists a videorecording of this event, though not exactly my favourite gig.
1992.03.07 Festung Helsingborg [live in my apartment to an audience of four]

Dressed in a white lab coat I experimented with some fluids in test tubes during the predictable Carmina Burana intro. After I drank the bubbling fluid I performed the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine behind the table, finally rising wearing a gasmask. My equipment consisted of a tape recorder with most of the music pre-recorded and a Casio CZ-101 synthesizer with a Seiko MR1000 Sequencer. For singing I used a cheap microphone that I hooked to the mouthpiece of the gasmask. There was also a tv showing some simple footage of StUPOR in "industrial" environments.

The audience was wild, doing some sort of stage diving with a kitchen chair, making somersaults and so on. They also accidentally cut my power supply, twice! I played a short set of greatest hits, ending with audience favourite Koma which rendered them to clap along to the lifesupport machine rhythm culminating in an anti-climax when I needed several tries (due to the crappy MR1000) to execute the final tone marking the death of the patient and the end of the concert.

There exists a chaotic videorecording of this event.